Good Karma

Rachel Roy is a brilliant and beautiful designer!  She is also heavily involved in charities.  Rachel started her design career at Rocawear and became the Creative Director.  Roy launched her own line in 2005, Rachel Roy New York.  I have always been a fan of Roy’s work.  You will see her in an upcoming Closet Crush post in the near future, I think she has great style 🙂

Rachel Roy believes in positive energy and see shows that through her charity work and the jewelry she designs.  Here are some of the pieces from her Evil Eye Jewelry line, hopefully you like it as much as I do and become a fan of Rachel Toy, if you aren’t already!  Check out all of her fab jewelry here.

The Evil Eye jewelry shown below ranges from $32-$55.  This Evil Eye jewelry will help keep negative energy at bay and who doesn’t want a little extra help with that?

Evil Eye Pendant $36

Crystal Evil Eye Necklace $34

Evil Eye Necklace $55

Evil Eye Earrings, Blue $32

Evil Eye Earrings $32

Seek & Ye Shall Find Charm Bracelet $44

Don't Hate Charm Bracelet $34

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Tiffany Necklaces

Who would turn down anything from Tiffany & Co?  NOT ME!   Every once in a while I go check out their necklaces and pendants to see what they have that’s new.  Here are my 2 faves:

This Tennis Racquet Charm and chain totally reminds me of my Grandma & Grandpa.  They were both huge tennis buffs and even had me playing tennis at an early age.  My grandparents had lots of tennis items in their house and this charm  reminds me of photo frame that was in their house.   I miss these 2, they were very influential in my life and always knew what to say.

Tennis Racquet Charm & Chain $175

Another chain that I have my eye on from Tiffany’s is the Elsa Peretti Bean Pendant.  I never knew that the bean represents  the origin of all things but that’s what Tiffany & Co says, I just thought it was cute 🙂  This pendent comes in silver, gold and black jade.  I prefer the black jade.  Honestly, whatever is in a blue box is pretty awesome!

Elsa Peretti Bean pendant $195

Jewelry with Meaning

If you are looking for a gift for a family member or friend and you want a piece of jewelry that has a special meaning you should check out Dogeared Jewels & Gifts!   You can spend hours on this website (hey, I am giving you fair warning!) finding something for every person in your life that may be going through something, has a big birthday coming up, a bride, bridesmaids, a new mom,your best friend,  etc.  They have something for everyone!  It’s handmade jewelry that’s made in the USA!

Here a few different examples of their jewelry but believe me there’s plenty more for you to explore on their site 🙂

Most of their necklaces come in either sterling silver, charcoal, gold-dipped and rose-gold dipped.  The price will vary on which metal or dip you pick for your piece of  jewelry.  The bracelets will come in all different types of material.

There are plenty of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to choose from.  Happy Shopping!

Healing Jem $56


Believe Necklace $62

Karma Necklace $62

Infinite Love Bracelet $34

Make A Wish Bracelet $30

Dance Mantra Leather $58