Fashion that gives back

I enjoy highlighting when fashion has a purpose.  It never gets old when designers take the time to create something that will benefit a great cause, same for large retailers.  Fashion isn’t always about the skinny models, overpriced pieces, or the glitz and glam most books and movies are made of. Social causes and fashion make a great mix in my book.

This isn’t Rachel Roy’s first time at giving back; she makes an effort to give back in several different avenues on the regular basis.  She teamed up with Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder and CEO of FEED  to create a FEED India bag that when purchased will feed 100 school meals to children in India. These bags  were launched in May of this year.

This limited edition tote bag comes in two different colors,  white or orange and costs $78.  This late in the season, you can only find orange, white is sold out.

What I truly like about FEED is that they specify on every product bought how much you are helping instead of just saying a percentage of the proceeds.  To learn more about the project and to purchase bags, accessories or apparel;  go to  All bags are sold out on Rachel Roy’s site but there are plenty of other items to catch your eye at

RR-LBLPhoto Credit: Michael Loccisano (Getty)