Make your wardrobe pop

One of my favorite things about summer is that there is color everywhere.   The color is bright and it’s not limited to your clothes!  Bright colored accessories can turn an outfit from basic to fabulous!  Here are some bright-colored purses from Cole Haan, enjoy!

The Heritage Weave Stripe Izzie Clutch costs $178.  The Peacock color is perfect for summer.  There is an interior zip  pocket as well as a cell phone and PDA pockets.  The clutch has a zip closure.

Heritage Weave Strip Izzie Clutch in Peacock

The Heritage Basket Weave Kendra Shopper is a nice, large bag with canvas lining on the interior.  The exterior consists of woven canvas and a leather trim.  It’s available in colors, Poppy and Sunflower.  This bag costs $148.

Heritage Basket Weave Kendra Shopper in Poppy

Last but not least,  is the Jitney Plaid Carley Tote which is on sale for $150.  The tote has a drawstring closure and is available in Sunflower, Poppy and Palomino colors.  This tote has plenty of room and contains the interior zipped, cellphone and PDA interior pockets.

Jitney Plaid Carley Tote in Sunflower

All photo images/credits belong to


Kenny Cool aka Kenneth Cole


Here are some of the latest bags from Kenneth Cole.  Kenny Cool has some reasonable options purses in comparison to some other designers, so Kenneth Cole gets a + in my book!  I hope you enjoy these selections.

The Silver Edition Tote is a very roomy tote with a split interior and a middle pocket that’s zippered.  There’s a removable strap for versatility. The tote comes in one color,  Cactus Flower.  It’s a snake-skin leather exterior and this tote is $398 (one of their most expensive purses).

Photo Credit - Kenneth Cole

Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

The hobo style seems to still be pretty popular and I really like Kenneth Cole’s version due to the deep v-cut.  This comes in 2 colors, Stream, Tropical Wood and Red.  The purse has silver hardware and an interior pockets.

Uptown Hobo Tropical Wood, $129. Phot0 Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Uptown in Stream, $159. Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Uptown in Stream, $159. Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

If you are into the Fringe trend, these 2 purses are right up your alley!  There are 2 handbags with fringe; the satchel and hobo. The satchel only comes in black and costs $298.  The hobo comes in Tropical Wood as well as White.  The hobo costs $278.   Enjoy!

Fringe Satchel, Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Fringe Hobo, Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Vince Camuto 2011

In case you are looking for something a bit different and a bit airy, I think Vince Camuto has the bag for you.  The 2 handbags below immediately caught my eye.

I have only owned 1 white leather purse and it got dingy so quick and hard to clean.  I have steered clear of purchasing a bag ever since. I tell you all of this because, Vince Camuto has an off-white purse that is making me seriously re-think my self imposed, no white purse, rule.

I am stuck on this purse due to the texture.  This purse will run you $240.

Cynthia Tote Off White

If you are a woman who already has too many totes, don’t worry!  There is also a satchel in the same textured material and it’s a little bit better on the budget.  The satchel will run you $210.  It’s in buttermilk and has a dark brown trim.  Like the tote, it will match pretty much everything in your wardrobe for the Spring or Summer.

Cynthia Satchel Buttermilk

Get your Dooney & Bourke – On SALE!

Hello Loves!

If you are looking to expand your purse collection, I have some great news!  Dooney is having a sale

They have some wristlets for under $100 here and some other bargains for under $200.  Hurry up, get yours before they are all gone. The sale expires on January 31st at 11:59 PM, or while supplies last.

There is a great selection available, below are a few choices.

Dillen Satchel $152.75

The Dillen Satchel is normally $235 but on sale for $152.75.  It’s available in fuchsia, white, lavender and yellow.  The purse has a key hook, cell phone pocket as well as one zipped pocket on the inside. 

 The Medium Valerie can be a good everyday purse.  It’s available in hot pink, red, black, sunflower and tangerine.  It’s the same as the Dillen Satchel on the inside,  it’s a smaller bag, normally runs $235.

Medium Valerie $152.75

 The last 2 handbags I will show are the Calf Medium Zipper Pocket Sac normally $235 and the Signature East/West Handle Top Zip that normally runs for $175.  This purse comes in a huge variety of colors; sand, bone, navy, orange, chalk, purple and light pink to name a few…there are more colors available.  The Zipper Pocket Sac has 2 outside zip pockets, a zipper closer and an adjustable strap.

Calf Medium Zipper Pocket Sac $152.75

The Signature East/West Handle Top Zip has 1 zippered pocket on the inside, a cell phone pocket and another inside pocket along with a detachable strap with dog hooks. This purse only comes in 2 colors the Bordeaux and the Cobalt.  Happy Shopping, ladies!

Signature East/West Handle Top Zip $131.25

Germ Free

Here are some tips to help keep your purse germ-free!  I tried to keep it quick, I know we are all busy!  These 10 semi-quick steps that can help you get your purses clean and germ free 🙂

1- Buy yourself a purse hook for your office and home.  I know some women keep one in their purse for when they are dining out or at the movies.  You can find purse hooks in the accessory section of most major department stores.

2- Use soap & water to wash the exterior of purse

3- Empty out your purse and turn your purse upside down over your trash can and shake.

4- Vacuum the purse on the inside (if it’s big enough).

5- Pull lining away from the leather and hand wash the lining in the sink.

6- Let the lining dry completely before placing lining back in the purse.

7- Place a couple of charcoal briquettes that are wrapped in paper towels for about a week to remove any odors.

8- Never place a pen in your purse without a cap on the pen and also keep your make-up in a separate make-up bag.

9- Wipe the exterior and bottom of your purse with a disinfectant wipe weekly.  Don’t neglect your purse handles, lots of germs can hide in the handles of your bag.

10- Keep your purse off of the floor or ground.  My Grandma use to say keeping my purse off of the floor kept my money away from the devil. Consider yourself killing 2 birds with one stone 🙂

Celebrity Stalking, sort of.

Every once in a while, I will see a bag on the arm of a celebrity that I am curious about and would love to have.  Lately, Eva Mendes has been that actress.  I’ve seen a tote on her arm in a few photos and I finally tracked down the purse. 

It’s Dior, the Libertine handbag.  This handbag comes in petal, black and hazel.  Eva has the bag in petal, pictured above.  It’s such a neutral bag, you might be able to convince yourself that it’s worth the cost of $2300.  

I think the great thing about this bag is the braided handle and there’s ton of space.  There are 3 pockets on the inside; 2 open and 1 zippered.  The folds of leather are also a plus for me, style wise, it makes the bag flirty and fun.  This isn’t your typical tote!

Hello there, gorgeous

I will definitely be purchasing a pair of these! 

These are definitely going to be in constant rotation with my spring wardrobe.  This is a new shoe in Jessica Simpson’s line, called the ELY.  The ELY is available in Powder Chloe Leather (my fave – below), Jungle Green Kid Suede, and Eggplant Patent. The ELY is based on an old shoe with a twist, does this look like a Mary Jane show to you?  

Dolce & Gabbana

I came across this bag on D&G’s site.  It’s from their Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  I usually am a huge fan of D&G bags.  I am on the fence with this collection.  I can appreciate the look of this bag and it looks great from a distance but I don’t think this is something that would ever be in my personal collection.

Oh and the fact it runs for a $1695 also helps me to admire it from afar.  I do enjoy the look of this bag and I am sure that PETA wouldn’t approve of my saying so. 

As fashion goes; there are things that look better on the rack (or runway) than on your shoulder.  This would be one of those handbags, in my opinion.    I am sure that there are some that may disagree…so what do you think?  Would you wear this bag?  Leave a comment with your opinion!

Talk about a Deal!

Don’t you love when you find a good deal?  I sure do!  That’s why I am always scoping out the purse racks at Marshalls!

I just happened to come across this clutch for $18 and I think I struck gold with this website!  For those that are looking for a purse without busting  your wallet, check out a site called handbag heaven..  Handbag heaven boasts that their purses start at $10 and no purse is over $85.  Sweeeeeet!   I think I found a new site  to get some unique purses.  I am sure my husband will be overjoyed with this bit of news, lol.

Oh and in case you wanted to know which clutch I was admiring on-line, she is below.  I haven’t ordered it…..yet 🙂

Happy shopping ladies!