FNO 2011 | Fashion’s Night Out

For all of the fashionistas, please mark your calendars for September 8th!  It’s the third annual Fashion’s Night Out!

Fashion’s Night Out is everywhere (really, it’s global!) but if by some chance, it’s not in your area then you can participate on-line.  It’s one of the biggest celebrations of Fashion where you can mingle with others and pick up special designs.  Here are some of the cities that are participating: NYC, Chicago, Milan, LA, Malibu, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, Denver, DC, Charlotte, and London to name a few.

I hope you have your checkbook ready at 6pm sharp 🙂 when most festivities start.

Here is a link to FNO’s Official Collection 2011, you can purchase items at participating FNO stores in your area.  To see what stores are participating in your area, go here.

If you are a QVC shopper, QVC is participating in FNO as well!

Happy Shopping to all!


Purses under $100

Purses do exist that cost less than $100.  Here are some examples of  bags that won’t break the bank!  Happy shopping!

The Le Pliage Mini Handheld Nylon Tote is $98.  It comes in a variety of colors and you can even fold it up for travel.  A must have for every woman who travels!  You get this great deal at Bloomingdale’s.

Le Pliage Mini

Nine West has a satchel that is on pre-order until May 17th.  It’s a tri-color medium-sized satchel with a front lock ornament. It can be yours for $89. It’s only available in this tri-color, that is a perfect addition to your Spring/Summer collection.

Medium Satchel

On endless.com you can find the Tommy Hilfiger Story East/West Tote for $78.  This tote is canvas with a magnetic closure.  Don’t wait too long to order this one, there are only a few left.

East/West Tote

The Spade Bon Shopper is $87 on Kate Spade’s site.  It’s a cotton canvas bag with an open top.  It’s only available in the pink/red for the sale price.

Spade Bon Shopper

You can splurge on yourself for less than $100!  Now go shopping 🙂


I will admit that I have been really slack with my posts, lately.  Life has just kept me a bit busy lately but I am back on track, starting tonight 🙂

Since today has been all about the Royal Wedding, let’s talk about it.  I kid, I kid!  I know a lot of people are burnt out from all of TV coverage on the Royal Wedding (I am one of those people).

I am attending 2 weddings, so far, this year and I can’t wait.   That’s what is on my mind this evening, weddings and what to wear.

Here’s one of the dresses that I may wear, I just need to get some new shoes.  What’s your opinion, should I wear this to one of the weddings?

Closet Crush

It’s that time again for me to talk about another person’s closet 🙂   I have another closet I need to raid!

Her style is simple, elegant and her make-up is flawless!  I am talking about Carrie Underwood.  I will take one of everything in her closet, please.

Carrie is definitely a person I love to hate when it comes to fashion.  I don’t recall her having  too many fashion mess ups.  She is one of country music’s favorites.  Carrie not only sings, but writes and has received 2 awards from BMI (performing rights organization) for her song-writing.   Her most treasured accomplishment musically, was being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Here are some of my favorite looks for Carrie, closet crush #2!

2009 CMAs

2009 Letterman

CNN Heroes

Movies Rock event
Golden Globes 2011
Casual Look

Grammy's 2008

Closet Crush

Fashion in general is always fun for me to look at and discuss and it’s exactly why I want to add a new type of post to my blog.  I truly hope you all don’t mind a little change of pace.

Closet Crush will be a post about a  person that has a fabulous sense of style.   I have quite a list of  women (and men) who I think have a great fashion sense and outlook.  You know those people you love to hate because they look flawless all the time?  I will write about the people we love to hate.  It may be an actress, a designer, musician, etc.  I plan on telling you about  who they are, why their fashion rocks, what they do, and it goes without saying that I want everything in their closet 🙂

My #1 closet crush of all time is Kerry Washington!

Kerry Washington is an actress that has a great sense of style (with and without the use of a stylist). She is probably most known for her roles in Ray, The Last King of Scotland, Fantastic Four, Lakeview Terrace, Mr. & Mrs. SmithI Think I Love My Wife, Mother & Child,and  For Colored Girls to name a few.  Kerry is also a diverse actress who plays comedy as well as dramatic roles and isn’t afraid of an Independent Film.  She is also an activist for women and children and belongs to organizations like VDAY and Americans for the Arts.  I am also a fan of the fact that Kerry uses her “celebrity” for good with various organizations and community projects.

Here are some photos of Kerry at movie premieres, awards shows, etc.  Now, if only I could have her closet.  Her red carpet looks are spot-on and even when she is just out and about she has a great style.  Who’s your #1 closet crush?




Hello there, gorgeous

I will definitely be purchasing a pair of these! 

These are definitely going to be in constant rotation with my spring wardrobe.  This is a new shoe in Jessica Simpson’s line, called the ELY.  The ELY is available in Powder Chloe Leather (my fave – below), Jungle Green Kid Suede, and Eggplant Patent. The ELY is based on an old shoe with a twist, does this look like a Mary Jane show to you?  

Spring Style is already blooming

Ummmm, wow! 

That’s about all I can say about this beauty.  I haven’t experienced a time where I saw a designer purse that I didn’t care for from the Fall line-up and then do a COMPLETE reverse Charlie Brown, until now. 

The Fall bag that I am not crazy about is the Silvana bag in brown and black. It looked like the perfect purse for my Grandma, as you can see below.  It is made of leather and has a crocodile flap, womp. 

Oh, Fendi!

It’s a new day and I absolutely crazy for the Silvana Bag that you designed for Spring!  The leather-canvas version with the deep green crocodile flap is stunning!  The clean lines on this purse are perfect. I wish I had a better picture to do this purse justice.   This is a purse that I will have to admire from afar.  This beauty will run you a steep eight grand!  Yeah, I said it… eight thousand dollars!

Fendi named this bag after Italian actress, Silvana Mangano, who was popular in the 50’s and 70’s.  She was most known for her role in Bitter Rice.  She looks gorgeous so I can see why Fendi names this handbag after her. 

I am done gushing…for now.

New Year…New Look!


As you can see, I made some changes to my blog.  I hope this format is a little easier for you to navigate through 🙂  Other than the new format,  I think the only other change is that I put an actual picture of myself up here!  It’s a picture of me at the Pillars of Hercules in Antigua.  It’s still kinda small so I added it to the bottom of the post so you can see me better.  Don’t forget to let me know what you think of my new format, I would love to hear your comments.  Oh yeah, the snow “falling” on my blog will magically disappear on January 4th.

On to a more pressing issue, lol!  What will the New Year bring me….a new purse or a new watch? Back Story: I received my belated birthday gift from my Mom  at Christmas, she gave me ca$h 🙂  Now I need help deciding on what to buy. 

 The purse I want to get is the Dooney & Bourke Signature 1975 Classic Satchel.  The purse is a staple for any wardrobe, so I would love to have it in my collection. My other option is a watch, I do need a watch. I would love to get this watch but I think I would prefer a circular face but the rectangle one is on sale…decisions, decisions!   Leave me a comment and give me your opinion, purse or watch?  I need help!

Fashion’s Newest Billion Dollar Baby

 There are plenty of people who will have put Jessica Simpson in a box for being “overweight” or “dumb” or a hopeless romantic who can’t seem to keep a boyfriend, or worse, a “jinx” for the Cowboys when she was in a relationship with Tony Romo…well, it looks like Jessica Simpson gets to laugh all the way to.the.bank! 

 Simpson’s brand has generated over $750 million in sales this year and she is launching a sportswear collection next year.  The sales anlaysts are predicting that Simpson’s sportswear line will push her sales to $1 billion with her newest line!  Talk about a Fashion Powerhouse!

In honor of Jessica Simpson turning into a billion dollar fashionista, here are a few of purses from her line 🙂 

Her purse line is diverse, she seems to have a purse for pretty much anyone, you can check out the full line here.

Cypress Tote $89

Valletta Satchel $98

Ruffle Stuff Crossbody Bag $58

Dolce & Gabbana

I came across this bag on D&G’s site.  It’s from their Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  I usually am a huge fan of D&G bags.  I am on the fence with this collection.  I can appreciate the look of this bag and it looks great from a distance but I don’t think this is something that would ever be in my personal collection.

Oh and the fact it runs for a $1695 also helps me to admire it from afar.  I do enjoy the look of this bag and I am sure that PETA wouldn’t approve of my saying so. 

As fashion goes; there are things that look better on the rack (or runway) than on your shoulder.  This would be one of those handbags, in my opinion.    I am sure that there are some that may disagree…so what do you think?  Would you wear this bag?  Leave a comment with your opinion!