My New Make-up Must Have

I recently purchased a great make-up find!  I totally love this stuff.  The Sugar Lip Collection is ah-mazing! I bought the Sugar Lip Polish and the  Sugar Plum Tinted Lip 15 SP.

The Lip Polish is used to exfoliate your lips and leaves your lips soft. It may sound odd to exfoliate your lips at first but the results are great.   It’s brown sugar crystals, jojoba seed,  and grapeseed oils which help nourish your lips.  You leave the Lip Polish on for 5 minutes then wipe off with a warm towel.  I only use it a few times a week and I can see a difference.

SUGAR Lip Polish

The Sugar Plum Tinted Lip SPF 15 is to be used after the Lip Polish.   It helps to nourish and protect your lips.  It’s the softest and smoothest lip balm I have ever used.  The lip balm also contains antioxidant-rich vitamins to help beat wrinkly lips.  I was a little wary of the Plum tint because it looks very dark but it you can control how light or dark you want the plum by how much you put on your lips.

SUGAR Plum Tinted Lip Treatment

Fresh also has Sugar Honey Tinted, Sugar Lip and Sugar Rose Tinted Lip balms available.

All photo images/credits belong to myself


Toss your Make-Up!

Did you know that May is National Toss Your Make-up Month?

According to Good Housekeeping and CVS, it is!   It’s time to clean out that make-up drawer!  Whether this is a great marketing ploy to get us all to go out and buy new cosmetics, the truth is, most of us probably don’t replenish our make-up as often as we should. I know I’m not the only one who stretches out my products longer than I should…

Here’s a quick list of what needs to be tossed and when:

  • Toss out your mascara and liquid liner every season
  • Your skin-care products, sunscreens and liquid foundation needs to be replaced every 6 months
  • Replace your hair care products once a year
  • Toss out your powder-based cosmetics (eye shadow, pressed powder, etc), lipsticks and nail polish every 2 years

FYI, CVS  just happens to have a sale this month on most beauty products!