My New Make-up Must Have

I recently purchased a great make-up find!  I totally love this stuff.  The Sugar Lip Collection is ah-mazing! I bought the Sugar Lip Polish and the  Sugar Plum Tinted Lip 15 SP.

The Lip Polish is used to exfoliate your lips and leaves your lips soft. It may sound odd to exfoliate your lips at first but the results are great.   It’s brown sugar crystals, jojoba seed,  and grapeseed oils which help nourish your lips.  You leave the Lip Polish on for 5 minutes then wipe off with a warm towel.  I only use it a few times a week and I can see a difference.

SUGAR Lip Polish

The Sugar Plum Tinted Lip SPF 15 is to be used after the Lip Polish.   It helps to nourish and protect your lips.  It’s the softest and smoothest lip balm I have ever used.  The lip balm also contains antioxidant-rich vitamins to help beat wrinkly lips.  I was a little wary of the Plum tint because it looks very dark but it you can control how light or dark you want the plum by how much you put on your lips.

SUGAR Plum Tinted Lip Treatment

Fresh also has Sugar Honey Tinted, Sugar Lip and Sugar Rose Tinted Lip balms available.

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Make your wardrobe pop

One of my favorite things about summer is that there is color everywhere.   The color is bright and it’s not limited to your clothes!  Bright colored accessories can turn an outfit from basic to fabulous!  Here are some bright-colored purses from Cole Haan, enjoy!

The Heritage Weave Stripe Izzie Clutch costs $178.  The Peacock color is perfect for summer.  There is an interior zip  pocket as well as a cell phone and PDA pockets.  The clutch has a zip closure.

Heritage Weave Strip Izzie Clutch in Peacock

The Heritage Basket Weave Kendra Shopper is a nice, large bag with canvas lining on the interior.  The exterior consists of woven canvas and a leather trim.  It’s available in colors, Poppy and Sunflower.  This bag costs $148.

Heritage Basket Weave Kendra Shopper in Poppy

Last but not least,  is the Jitney Plaid Carley Tote which is on sale for $150.  The tote has a drawstring closure and is available in Sunflower, Poppy and Palomino colors.  This tote has plenty of room and contains the interior zipped, cellphone and PDA interior pockets.

Jitney Plaid Carley Tote in Sunflower

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Good Karma

Rachel Roy is a brilliant and beautiful designer!  She is also heavily involved in charities.  Rachel started her design career at Rocawear and became the Creative Director.  Roy launched her own line in 2005, Rachel Roy New York.  I have always been a fan of Roy’s work.  You will see her in an upcoming Closet Crush post in the near future, I think she has great style 🙂

Rachel Roy believes in positive energy and see shows that through her charity work and the jewelry she designs.  Here are some of the pieces from her Evil Eye Jewelry line, hopefully you like it as much as I do and become a fan of Rachel Toy, if you aren’t already!  Check out all of her fab jewelry here.

The Evil Eye jewelry shown below ranges from $32-$55.  This Evil Eye jewelry will help keep negative energy at bay and who doesn’t want a little extra help with that?

Evil Eye Pendant $36

Crystal Evil Eye Necklace $34

Evil Eye Necklace $55

Evil Eye Earrings, Blue $32

Evil Eye Earrings $32

Seek & Ye Shall Find Charm Bracelet $44

Don't Hate Charm Bracelet $34

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Need an “It” Bag?

It’s been a while since I have posted anything.  I have had a serious lack of motivation lately, life has been busy.  Hopefully things will slow down a bit and I get back to focusing on my blog.

For those looking for a summer “it” bag, Kate Spade thinks she has it with her Bixby Collection.  The Bixby Collection has wood accents and mod cloth lining.  Wood accents are what will be popular this summer.  Several purse lines are using wood accents for the summer.

Here’s a glimpse in to Spade’s Bixby Collection, enjoy!

This collection was inspired by Big Sur’s Bixby Creek Bridge which is located on the California Coastline.

You have 2 options for the Bixby collection: the clutch or the bag.  I am crushing hard on the clutch ♥.

The Bixby Clutch comes in 3 colors, black,cream and aqua.  The clutch has a wood frame, bauble closure and interior zipped pocket. This clutch will run you $325. If you are like me and think the lining of your purse is just as important as the purse; you’ll be happy to know that the lining is custom woven!

Aqua Bixby Clutch

The Bixby bag is just like the clutch with the wooden frame, bauble closure and interior zipped pocket.  The bag also comes with double slide pockets on the interior.  The bag is available in pollen, fallow, aqua, and black.  This bag costs $495.

Pollen Bixby Bag

Custom Woven Interior

Purses under $100

Purses do exist that cost less than $100.  Here are some examples of  bags that won’t break the bank!  Happy shopping!

The Le Pliage Mini Handheld Nylon Tote is $98.  It comes in a variety of colors and you can even fold it up for travel.  A must have for every woman who travels!  You get this great deal at Bloomingdale’s.

Le Pliage Mini

Nine West has a satchel that is on pre-order until May 17th.  It’s a tri-color medium-sized satchel with a front lock ornament. It can be yours for $89. It’s only available in this tri-color, that is a perfect addition to your Spring/Summer collection.

Medium Satchel

On you can find the Tommy Hilfiger Story East/West Tote for $78.  This tote is canvas with a magnetic closure.  Don’t wait too long to order this one, there are only a few left.

East/West Tote

The Spade Bon Shopper is $87 on Kate Spade’s site.  It’s a cotton canvas bag with an open top.  It’s only available in the pink/red for the sale price.

Spade Bon Shopper

You can splurge on yourself for less than $100!  Now go shopping 🙂

Jil Sander

Jil Sander’s Spring/Summer line is very classic with a modern twist. Sander’s fashion style is minimalist.  She is originally from Germany and her fashion brand has made its way to the US.

There are a lot of handbags to choose from and none of them are budget friendly, according to my budget.  Maybe these can go on a wish list for a later date 🙂

This first bag costs $1245.  It’s a white bag with a macroflower print, metal closure, feet and optional shoulder strap.  It’s perfect for spring and has lots of room.  Oh yeah, check the weather report before you wear this bag out, it’s made of silk faille and we all know what happens to silk that gets wet.

Macro Flower Handbag

This is another one of Jil’s bags made with silk.  The Madame bag will cost $1445. This bag screams sailing to me because of the blue stripes.  You can wear it as a shoulder bag or hand bag.

Madame Bag

Jil Sander’s Hobo bag has a vintage feel to it and is absolutely adorable. This bag costs $1195.  It has an optional shoulder strap, has contrast color along the fold and it’s all leather.  The leather has irregularities which makes each bag unique with its markings.

Hobo Bag

Toss your Make-Up!

Did you know that May is National Toss Your Make-up Month?

According to Good Housekeeping and CVS, it is!   It’s time to clean out that make-up drawer!  Whether this is a great marketing ploy to get us all to go out and buy new cosmetics, the truth is, most of us probably don’t replenish our make-up as often as we should. I know I’m not the only one who stretches out my products longer than I should…

Here’s a quick list of what needs to be tossed and when:

  • Toss out your mascara and liquid liner every season
  • Your skin-care products, sunscreens and liquid foundation needs to be replaced every 6 months
  • Replace your hair care products once a year
  • Toss out your powder-based cosmetics (eye shadow, pressed powder, etc), lipsticks and nail polish every 2 years

FYI, CVS  just happens to have a sale this month on most beauty products!


I will admit that I have been really slack with my posts, lately.  Life has just kept me a bit busy lately but I am back on track, starting tonight 🙂

Since today has been all about the Royal Wedding, let’s talk about it.  I kid, I kid!  I know a lot of people are burnt out from all of TV coverage on the Royal Wedding (I am one of those people).

I am attending 2 weddings, so far, this year and I can’t wait.   That’s what is on my mind this evening, weddings and what to wear.

Here’s one of the dresses that I may wear, I just need to get some new shoes.  What’s your opinion, should I wear this to one of the weddings?

Kenny Cool aka Kenneth Cole


Here are some of the latest bags from Kenneth Cole.  Kenny Cool has some reasonable options purses in comparison to some other designers, so Kenneth Cole gets a + in my book!  I hope you enjoy these selections.

The Silver Edition Tote is a very roomy tote with a split interior and a middle pocket that’s zippered.  There’s a removable strap for versatility. The tote comes in one color,  Cactus Flower.  It’s a snake-skin leather exterior and this tote is $398 (one of their most expensive purses).

Photo Credit - Kenneth Cole

Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

The hobo style seems to still be pretty popular and I really like Kenneth Cole’s version due to the deep v-cut.  This comes in 2 colors, Stream, Tropical Wood and Red.  The purse has silver hardware and an interior pockets.

Uptown Hobo Tropical Wood, $129. Phot0 Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Uptown in Stream, $159. Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Uptown in Stream, $159. Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

If you are into the Fringe trend, these 2 purses are right up your alley!  There are 2 handbags with fringe; the satchel and hobo. The satchel only comes in black and costs $298.  The hobo comes in Tropical Wood as well as White.  The hobo costs $278.   Enjoy!

Fringe Satchel, Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole

Fringe Hobo, Photo Courtesy - Kenneth Cole