Closet Crush

It’s that time again for me to talk about another person’s closet 🙂   I have another closet I need to raid!

Her style is simple, elegant and her make-up is flawless!  I am talking about Carrie Underwood.  I will take one of everything in her closet, please.

Carrie is definitely a person I love to hate when it comes to fashion.  I don’t recall her having  too many fashion mess ups.  She is one of country music’s favorites.  Carrie not only sings, but writes and has received 2 awards from BMI (performing rights organization) for her song-writing.   Her most treasured accomplishment musically, was being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Here are some of my favorite looks for Carrie, closet crush #2!

2009 CMAs

2009 Letterman

CNN Heroes

Movies Rock event
Golden Globes 2011
Casual Look

Grammy's 2008


Perfect Purses for Spring!

Balenciaga has a line of messenger bags perfect for Spring!  The bags are online as an exclusive gift currently. You will also receive a complimentary key ring with your purchase 🙂   These bags are simple without a lot of embellishments which will be great if you are into all of the patterns on clothes for Spring.

The Ligne Papier Messenger bag is made in Italy with soft calfskin leather and brass metal hardware accents.  The bag has a zippered top and a shoulder strap.  This great bag comes in 3 colors; Pomme, Framboise, and Yellow.  This bag will cost you $895 if you order directly from Balenciaga.

Color Pomme

Yellow Color

Framboise Color




Spring Trends

Last week, I was truly excited because it felt like Spring but Spring is a tease in NC, it’s now cold and rainy.  I’m sure I’m not the only one ready for Spring weather (minus the pollen, of course!).   Let’s talk trends for Spring.  I am not normally into trends but I think the trends are versatile enough to keep is all happy 🙂    Here a few of my favorite trends for the Spring.

Colorful dresses….it looks like your little black dress can be pushed towards the back of your closet this Spring because it’s going to be all about colorful dresses!   Dresses with or without patterns will work, just make sure you have lots color.

Colorful Dress

Another trend is espadrilles.  I drooled over my computer when I saw these beauties in my inbox, from Aldo!  I see lots of pedicures in the future.

Aldo - Dyle

Arm Candy will be another trend, layering bracelets or a nice chunky cuff.  Personally for me, the noise when I move my arm from layering bangles drives me crazy.  I may be a little more biased towards a cuff for that reason.

Stella & Dot

Crochet tops!  I have noticed a lot of crochet tops lately in the stores and I am very happy to see them being a trend this Spring.  I think the crochet has a vintage feel and what could be wrong with vintage?

Crochet tank

Crochet tank

The last trend, I will mention tonight is drapey shorts.  I think these shorts will be a very popular because they look so comfortable!  This trend doesn’t leave much gym time though 😦

American Eagle Outfitters

What’s your favorite trend for the Spring???

COACH celebrates 70 years this Fall

How would a popular handbag celebrate its 70th anniversary?  By making limited editions handbags!!!  That’s right, limited edition Coach bags…squuuueeeeeee!

Available in October, these limited edition bags will range anywhere between $798-$1600.  These bags will be available in metallic and traditional leathers, croc and python, as well as, ocelet hair calf.

For those if us on a tighter budget, Coach will also have some pieces in dark and rich colors in leathers and some will be embellished with metals and skins.  Here is a sneak peek of what will be available in October 🙂

Photo Courtesy - Coach

Is it October yet???

Tiffany Necklaces

Who would turn down anything from Tiffany & Co?  NOT ME!   Every once in a while I go check out their necklaces and pendants to see what they have that’s new.  Here are my 2 faves:

This Tennis Racquet Charm and chain totally reminds me of my Grandma & Grandpa.  They were both huge tennis buffs and even had me playing tennis at an early age.  My grandparents had lots of tennis items in their house and this charm  reminds me of photo frame that was in their house.   I miss these 2, they were very influential in my life and always knew what to say.

Tennis Racquet Charm & Chain $175

Another chain that I have my eye on from Tiffany’s is the Elsa Peretti Bean Pendant.  I never knew that the bean represents  the origin of all things but that’s what Tiffany & Co says, I just thought it was cute 🙂  This pendent comes in silver, gold and black jade.  I prefer the black jade.  Honestly, whatever is in a blue box is pretty awesome!

Elsa Peretti Bean pendant $195

Jewelry with Meaning

If you are looking for a gift for a family member or friend and you want a piece of jewelry that has a special meaning you should check out Dogeared Jewels & Gifts!   You can spend hours on this website (hey, I am giving you fair warning!) finding something for every person in your life that may be going through something, has a big birthday coming up, a bride, bridesmaids, a new mom,your best friend,  etc.  They have something for everyone!  It’s handmade jewelry that’s made in the USA!

Here a few different examples of their jewelry but believe me there’s plenty more for you to explore on their site 🙂

Most of their necklaces come in either sterling silver, charcoal, gold-dipped and rose-gold dipped.  The price will vary on which metal or dip you pick for your piece of  jewelry.  The bracelets will come in all different types of material.

There are plenty of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to choose from.  Happy Shopping!

Healing Jem $56


Believe Necklace $62

Karma Necklace $62

Infinite Love Bracelet $34

Make A Wish Bracelet $30

Dance Mantra Leather $58

Vince Camuto 2011

In case you are looking for something a bit different and a bit airy, I think Vince Camuto has the bag for you.  The 2 handbags below immediately caught my eye.

I have only owned 1 white leather purse and it got dingy so quick and hard to clean.  I have steered clear of purchasing a bag ever since. I tell you all of this because, Vince Camuto has an off-white purse that is making me seriously re-think my self imposed, no white purse, rule.

I am stuck on this purse due to the texture.  This purse will run you $240.

Cynthia Tote Off White

If you are a woman who already has too many totes, don’t worry!  There is also a satchel in the same textured material and it’s a little bit better on the budget.  The satchel will run you $210.  It’s in buttermilk and has a dark brown trim.  Like the tote, it will match pretty much everything in your wardrobe for the Spring or Summer.

Cynthia Satchel Buttermilk

Closet Crush

Fashion in general is always fun for me to look at and discuss and it’s exactly why I want to add a new type of post to my blog.  I truly hope you all don’t mind a little change of pace.

Closet Crush will be a post about a  person that has a fabulous sense of style.   I have quite a list of  women (and men) who I think have a great fashion sense and outlook.  You know those people you love to hate because they look flawless all the time?  I will write about the people we love to hate.  It may be an actress, a designer, musician, etc.  I plan on telling you about  who they are, why their fashion rocks, what they do, and it goes without saying that I want everything in their closet 🙂

My #1 closet crush of all time is Kerry Washington!

Kerry Washington is an actress that has a great sense of style (with and without the use of a stylist). She is probably most known for her roles in Ray, The Last King of Scotland, Fantastic Four, Lakeview Terrace, Mr. & Mrs. SmithI Think I Love My Wife, Mother & Child,and  For Colored Girls to name a few.  Kerry is also a diverse actress who plays comedy as well as dramatic roles and isn’t afraid of an Independent Film.  She is also an activist for women and children and belongs to organizations like VDAY and Americans for the Arts.  I am also a fan of the fact that Kerry uses her “celebrity” for good with various organizations and community projects.

Here are some photos of Kerry at movie premieres, awards shows, etc.  Now, if only I could have her closet.  Her red carpet looks are spot-on and even when she is just out and about she has a great style.  Who’s your #1 closet crush?




Furla’s Spring/Summer Line

I am truly excited about Furla’s Spring/Summer line.  The colors are bright, tropical mixed in with shades of whites and browns…I think of a great Caribbean vacation while looking at this line!  Here are a few of their bags from their Women Collection.  Enjoy and imagine being on a beach with a cocktail in your hand 🙂

Photo Courtesy - Furla

Photo Courtesy - Furla


Here are some totes from Old Navy that are great for the Spring or Summer.  If you want to brighten up your purse collection without making a huge dent in your wallet, I would suggest these.

The Canvas Bubble Bag, comes in black and silver.  It has plenty of room on the inside and the pleats at the top and bottom of the bag give it the bubble shape.  There are 2 pockets on the inside and this purse closes with a snap.  The strap is combines with chain and ribbon to soften the look and feel.  The bow adds a splash of color.

Canvas Bubble Bag $24.50

I think the variety of prints for this next tote is what caught my eye.  These Scarf-Print totes have faux leather handles and a snap closure.   This tote has lots of room and has lining on the inside so it’s not too thin to carry the many things you can’t leave home without!  There are a few more prints available than what I am showing below.

Scarf-Print Tote $19.50

Scarf-Print Tote $19.50

Scarf-Print Tote $19.50