Aaahhhh, Fall

Fall is officially here and I am definitely excited about it!  Fall to me is about boots, purses, accessories, pumpkin pie,  pumpkin chai and family time. My first fall purchase was a Michael Kors Colgate bag!

This bag is also available in chocolate and  dark green.  This bag is SUEDE (love), has no interior pockets, and  it’s a real grab-n-go bag and I love it!  It also comes in a smaller size but I figured go big or go home applied in this case 🙂

Boots that are going to be popular this season are riding boots and booties. They will both be all the rage this fall.  The selection of riding boots and booties makes it difficult to decide on a purchase.  Here are a few that I really like.  There are a pair of booties by Vera Wang that are a complete budget buster but they are so pretty, I had to add them to the list!

Kenneth Cole $89

Steve Madden $160

Vera Wang $350

Jessica Simpson $129

Happy Shopping!

Oh yeah…word has it that black is THE color for fall!


Spring Trends

Last week, I was truly excited because it felt like Spring but Spring is a tease in NC, it’s now cold and rainy.  I’m sure I’m not the only one ready for Spring weather (minus the pollen, of course!).   Let’s talk trends for Spring.  I am not normally into trends but I think the trends are versatile enough to keep is all happy 🙂    Here a few of my favorite trends for the Spring.

Colorful dresses….it looks like your little black dress can be pushed towards the back of your closet this Spring because it’s going to be all about colorful dresses!   Dresses with or without patterns will work, just make sure you have lots color.

Colorful Dress

Another trend is espadrilles.  I drooled over my computer when I saw these beauties in my inbox, from Aldo!  I see lots of pedicures in the future.

Aldo - Dyle

Arm Candy will be another trend, layering bracelets or a nice chunky cuff.  Personally for me, the noise when I move my arm from layering bangles drives me crazy.  I may be a little more biased towards a cuff for that reason.

Stella & Dot

Crochet tops!  I have noticed a lot of crochet tops lately in the stores and I am very happy to see them being a trend this Spring.  I think the crochet has a vintage feel and what could be wrong with vintage?

Crochet tank

Crochet tank

The last trend, I will mention tonight is drapey shorts.  I think these shorts will be a very popular because they look so comfortable!  This trend doesn’t leave much gym time though 😦

American Eagle Outfitters

What’s your favorite trend for the Spring???

bebe Girls Night Out

As promised, I wanted to give you a quick update on my trip out to bebe with a dear girlfriend of mine.  Let me just start off by saying that neither one of us were impressed. We did come up with a new word that applied to a good number of their clothes and it was “thriller-esqe” and that was the highlight of our trip to bebe. 

Needless to say,  we were disappointed, and left bebe hungry and feeling about 10 years older in age as we complained of the dresses needing more material and length.



Donley by Ninewest

One of my favorite things about Fall is seeing the new Fall ads to see what will be hot this upcoming season.  This fall you had to notice that there is a definite military theme going on.  The only way you missed it is if you live under a rock!!!  When you think military I am sure you think of dog tags, drill sargeants and chunky boots but designers were able to make military look not only feminine but HOT.   Here are some of my favorite military accessories for this season.    The Donley boot from Nine West  ($129).   The camoflauge color has been sold out since September (pout).

My must have handbag of the season came from ALDO,  Haffling ($42).  I just love this bag; nice and roomy! 

Heffling by ALDO

If you aren’t on a tight budget, you may want to splurge on the Vintage Re-Issue Satch by Fossil ($178).   It has a military chic feel without going overboard with whistles!

Vintage Re-Issue Satchel from Fossil




Last but definitely not least, is the Salvatore Ferragamo W Bag ($1,650).  This bag is so classic, you will be able to use it well after the military look passes.  

W Bag from Salvatore Ferragamo


What are you wearing this season that is inspired by the military trend? 

Share your favorite military inspired accessory !