16 Days (of waiting) Left!

March 22nd is the debut of June Ambrose’s shoe line with HSN.  Most of us fashionistas have heard of June in her role as a celebrity stylist/designer and author. The list of celebrities she has styles is long and impressive (Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Kelly Ripa, Alicia Keys, and Kim Cattrell, to name a few). She also had a show on VH1 that let you see the process and hard work it took to style celebrities, I loved that show!

I don’t use the word admire lightly but June is definitely someone I admire.  She has to be a time management Guru with everything that she balances with work and family! June comes across as a down to earth, genuine person.  I love her positive quotes, pics, RockMom chronicles and all of her tips that she provides on Instagram and Juniverse.

June Ambrose is now using her unique style to design shoes that will be loved by women everywhere!  I follow June on Instagram @juneambrose and I have been able to see some sneak peeks of the line!  I am definitely a fan of the Faye, pictured below.  Mint is the perfect color for Spring!  This lovely shoe has suede trim and the heel is at least 4 inches.  Faye also comes in black/white and gold.  The price point isn’t a budget buster, yay :)!  $109 or you can do HSN flex payments.

I would imagine that once this line debuts, it will sell out quickly.  I would suggest that you go ahead and book-mark HSN on your favorites and order your size before it’s too late!

Faye shown in Mint

Faye shown in Mint

Check out June’s site, it is full of great beauty, fashion and mom tips 🙂 Her site is a fave of mine.


Photo credit: HSN.com



Hi again!  I didn’t even realize my last post was in September 2011…yikes!

On the off-chance that other people read this blog (besides my friends), I want to explain my hiatus.

It’s not that I haven’t been blogging at all, I just haven’t been blogging about purses, make-up or fashion.  What have I been blogging about?  Pregnancy…my pregnancy to be exact.  I  started a blog so my family and friends who live far away can keep up with all that’s been going on with my pregnancy.

I am due in March with our first baby. We choose not to find out the sex and our busy trying to finalize all the last-minute things that need to be checked off the never-ending task list 🙂

Spring is right around the corner and there is no better time to get back into talking about fashion!  Spring Fashion shows, colors, trends and plenty of new purses.  I also wanted to change-up the look of the blog, I did my Spring cleaning early this year, HA!

I’ll be back soon,

FNO 2011 | Fashion’s Night Out

For all of the fashionistas, please mark your calendars for September 8th!  It’s the third annual Fashion’s Night Out!

Fashion’s Night Out is everywhere (really, it’s global!) but if by some chance, it’s not in your area then you can participate on-line.  It’s one of the biggest celebrations of Fashion where you can mingle with others and pick up special designs.  Here are some of the cities that are participating: NYC, Chicago, Milan, LA, Malibu, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, Denver, DC, Charlotte, and London to name a few.

I hope you have your checkbook ready at 6pm sharp 🙂 when most festivities start.

Here is a link to FNO’s Official Collection 2011, you can purchase items at participating FNO stores in your area.  To see what stores are participating in your area, go here.

If you are a QVC shopper, QVC is participating in FNO as well!

Happy Shopping to all!

Toss your Make-Up!

Did you know that May is National Toss Your Make-up Month?

According to Good Housekeeping and CVS, it is!   It’s time to clean out that make-up drawer!  Whether this is a great marketing ploy to get us all to go out and buy new cosmetics, the truth is, most of us probably don’t replenish our make-up as often as we should. I know I’m not the only one who stretches out my products longer than I should…

Here’s a quick list of what needs to be tossed and when:

  • Toss out your mascara and liquid liner every season
  • Your skin-care products, sunscreens and liquid foundation needs to be replaced every 6 months
  • Replace your hair care products once a year
  • Toss out your powder-based cosmetics (eye shadow, pressed powder, etc), lipsticks and nail polish every 2 years

FYI, CVS  just happens to have a sale this month on most beauty products!

An Award!

YAY!  I have received my first ever blogging award, The Stylish Blogger award.  Awarded to me by, LGLDVM! Many, many thanks to you, doll 🙂

Here are the rules to this award, I need to:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded me the award

Share 7 things about myself

Award up to 15 recently discovered bloggers (blogs that I adore!)

Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award!

Seven things about myself…yikes!  I’m not good about talking about myself but here it goes!

  1. I am a huge FANATIC of the 80’s Boy band, New Edition.  Yes, I am still a huge fan and “might” still travel out-of-state to their concerts 🙂
  2. I want to move out of the US to live and/or retire.   Costa Rica and South Africa are in the top running.
  3. I enjoy visiting other countries and learning their cultures. The world is a fascinating place.
  4. I tend to over analyze situations (my hubs likes to remind me of this at times)
  5. I hate washing dishes!
  6. I never miss the Young & Restless thanks to my DVR!
  7. I laugh when I am nervous.

Last but not least, here are the other bloggers I am passing the award on to!  If you get a chance, check out their blogs!

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I’d rather be naked

than wear fur!  Come on readers, get your mind out of the gutter 🙂

PETA has launched  their newest “Go Naked” campaign!  

Who stripped down for their campaign?  Taraji P. Henson, an  Academy Award nominated actress bares all, at 40.   Taraji used to wear furs until she was educated on what happens to the animals to make the furs.  Henson’s  will premiere her campaign at PETA’s New York Fashion Week bash in February.  The sneak peek is below.


Photo Courtesy - Don Flood for PETA

The spin-off of PETA’s  Go Naked ads are the “Ink Not Mink” ads.  NFL running back, Willis McGahee,  plays for the Ravens and shows his support of animal rights by participating in PETA’s latest “Ink Not Mink” ad.  He firmly believes that it isn’t right to torture animals for a luxury like fur.

Photo Courtesy - Ken Penn for PETA

Both of these celebrities have joined a long list of predecessors in the fight for ethical treatment of animals.

If you want more information on what you can do to help stop the cruelty of animals, go to PETA for more information.

Fashion’s Newest Billion Dollar Baby

 There are plenty of people who will have put Jessica Simpson in a box for being “overweight” or “dumb” or a hopeless romantic who can’t seem to keep a boyfriend, or worse, a “jinx” for the Cowboys when she was in a relationship with Tony Romo…well, it looks like Jessica Simpson gets to laugh all the way to.the.bank! 

 Simpson’s brand has generated over $750 million in sales this year and she is launching a sportswear collection next year.  The sales anlaysts are predicting that Simpson’s sportswear line will push her sales to $1 billion with her newest line!  Talk about a Fashion Powerhouse!

In honor of Jessica Simpson turning into a billion dollar fashionista, here are a few of purses from her line 🙂 

Her purse line is diverse, she seems to have a purse for pretty much anyone, you can check out the full line here.

Cypress Tote $89

Valletta Satchel $98

Ruffle Stuff Crossbody Bag $58


The meaning behind my blog name seems simple enough to me but putting that meaning into words is another story.   Personification is defined as, “a description of an object as being a living person or animal” by Wikipedia.   To me, a purse isn’t just a place to put your lipstick and cellphone; each purse has its own specific personality and purpose.  You don’t walk around in sweats with a Birkin Bag, right?!

So there you have it!  Purses have personality and are personified by us; the purse lovers!  Pursonification is simply giving your purse(s) a human trait. My red purse, she’s sassy!  What’s  your pursonification?