Tory Burch

If you’re looking for a perfect summer bag, Tory Burch created it!

The Canvas Gwendolyn Tote will easily be the must have bag of the summer.  The bag is made of canvas and leather with a drawstring closure and a tassel detail.  The tote contains an interior zipped pocket and 2 extra open pockets.  This bag will run you $595.

Gwendolyn Tote

Gwendolyn Tote 2

If the Gwendolyn Tote isn’t your style or in your budget, there’s also the Tatum Straw Hobo.   This is a straw tote with leather straps and has a strap that is removable.  This bag costs $365.

Tatum Straw Hobo

Tatum Straw Hobo 2



Perfect for work or school

After my trip to NYC for work with all of my work stuff plus my purse which had my phone, kindle, wallet, mp3 player and lip glosses; my bags were heavy and then I had to lug my coat, scarf and hat around because going to NYC at the end of November I needed to stay warm to avoid getting sick.  HA! HA! HA!  That worked out real well since I was sick my entire trip 😦   I digress,  the point to my ramble, is that I realized a shoulder bag was needed hopefully with room for most of my things for a plane ride.  One bag is best on the airlines now anyway, less drama.   I started looking for some  shoulder bags and here are a few of my faves.

Cole Haan has a great shoulder bag that has canvas lining, an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and cell phone and PDA patch pockets. 

Valise Jenna Shoulder Bag $428

Rebecca Minkoff has a shoulder bag that contains magnetic snap closure, fabric lining and double patch pockets.  It is pretty roomy, not sure if a regular size lap top would fit in there but there’s definitely a lot of room.  This bag will run you close to $600 but of course you can find it on other sites for at least 50% retail.   

Rebecca Minkoff Devote $595

There’s also the Rubi Laptop Dome bag comes in black, red, brown, nutmeg and crimson.   There are interior pockets and an exterior pocket.  This bag also has a detachable shoulder strap for diversity.  Check out the website there are a ton of different bags to choose from. 

The one below is out of stock 😦  Of course the bag I think is the best is sold out! 

Rubi Laptop Dome $296


A Handbag Made with Love…for Vegans

The past 2 weeks have just been crazy!!!  Life and work have been keeping me away from my blog 😦  I have missed reading other blogs and  searching the internet for trends, new ideas and most importantly, handbags.  I digress, I found something truly unique and special and have to share. It’s the Medhi Canvas Handbag by Matt & Nat.


This bag is made with caramel vegan leather and lined with 100% recycle pink faux suede.  It comes in caramel, black and scarlet.  This bag also has a detachable shoulder straps and comes with pockets for your cell phone and/or pda.  This bag was originally $235 and is now $141 (sale!)

Matt & Nat’s site will let you explore all of their environmental and socially conscious handbags…see kids, fashion does care about the environment 🙂  Seriously, I think it’s great that there are companies that are making fashion products in a caring and responsible way!  Check out their site and show some love!

Hello world!

I am dipping my toes into Blog World…slow,  yet steady.  I have always had a fascination with shoes, purses and other accessories.  As time went on, my purse collection grew and GREW!  My collection has grown to the point where my husband insists that if I buy a new purse; an old purse must be given away.  

I seem to have a natural ability to pick out  purses that earn me compliments no matter where I am. So here I am,  hoping to turn a natural love and passion into something bigger and better!